State of the Art Fitness

Are you addicted to the Peloton bike? We’ve got one. The on-site workout room at Vignoble also features yoga mats, an elliptical machine, kickboxing bag, a  Balanced Body pilates reformer and in 2021, we’re adding an infrared sauna from Sunlighten Sauna.  

“I’ve used my Sunlighten at least 500 times over the last few years. Every time I use it, I come out stronger, faster, thinner and happier. This is a really important biohack if you want to live a long time.” ~ Dave Asprey

Father of Biohacking, New York Times Bestseller

Pilates & yoga can be arranged on site, for information contact Inspire Pilates Or relax and enjoy a private or couples spa treatment on site with on site massage therapists. Advance reservation required.